The apple belongs to the Malus genre, originating in Eastern Turkey, and is a fake fruit from the roses family. Main contemporary varieties come from the Mauls Domiste group, which includes hundreds of varieties, including a large Spur group (with a more collected and compact foliage) which had been specifically developed to enhance fertility and create a low and compact tree. The largest apples producers (tons) are China, USA and France, while highest yielding countries (t/ha) are France, Italy, United States and Turkey.

It is considered a small / medium tree if greater than 4 to 6 m, its size is due to original strain, variety and pruning method. Leaves are dark green and of elliptical shape. Flowers grow in groups of 5 on spurs and branches – white flowers which then change their color in pink. The main central flower opens first, giving rise to the typical broad fruit. Usually, all the other flowers are removed.

Most varieties require pollination, performed by bees. In varieties with reduced rhizome, the fruit appears after two years, while in normal varieties, after 3 to 5 years.